Frequently Asked Questions

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LATCHKEY KIDS INC is an independent clothing brand bent on making fly clothes and spreading positive energy. The company was created and is owned by designer and Marine Corps veteran, Curtis Marshman II. Based out of Austin, Texas, LATCHKEY KIDS® is influenced by hip-hop, art, music, food, sneakers, and the many cultures of the world.

Where does the name come from?

The term latchkey kids refers to unsupervised youths that are left to take care of themselves while their guardians are away for extended amounts of time… for whatever reason. The brand itself is designed for adults and refers to this life we live but made for anyone and everyone that fucks with it. Whether you grew up poor or rich, you may have been left alone to fend for yourself for hours and days at a time. When that happens you gotta boss up and handle business. The brand is a concept about learning from life lessons and doing your best to move forward. Over the years you may have noticed that people don't necessarily “grow up”, they just get older. That's okay though, 'growing up' is just a concept. What the hell are you growing up to? The phrase should be something like, "you gotta responsibly grow into you", but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Love the Earth, Fuck the World?

Yes! The Earth is fucking awesome. We love this place and all its creatures. We come from the Earth and share similar DNA. Humans are diverse and beautiful. We make gorgeous artworks, cook delicious foods, and have so many amazing cultures. But sometimes we just feel like, fuck the world. War is hell. Racism is disgusting. Politics are madness. Shit feels hopeless sometimes, and the future isn't looking so good either. Even our own thoughts can be overwhelming, and the day to day grind can be unbearable at times. One of the brand's philosophies is "Love the Earth, Fuck the World". This is to try and encourage us to love each other and keep on pushing through this beautiful crazy world. As the company grows and evolves, we will ensure that we do our best to protect the environment and spread love in whatever ways we can to try and make the world a better place.

What the F is LATCHKEY MOB?

There is duality in all things. LATCHKEY KIDS® is no exception to the rule. The brand is about spreading positive vibes and loving your neighbor (peace & love), but as we mentioned earlier... fuck the world. We love curse words and sprinkle them around like curry and pepper. They so eloquently help express the emotion that we want to convey at any given time. The mob recognizes the contradiction and the flaws in us all and Latchkey Mob represents the social aspects of the company. There may be a fuck up here or there, and LATCHKEY KIDS® are okay with that. Perfection is a sin anyway.