The Idea

LATCHKEY KIDS® is a clothing brand based out of Austin, TX. The influence comes from music, military, food, art, and life. LATCHKEY KIDS® is about staying positive and knowing your worth. The brand represents independence and freedom. The “lK·” logo is symbolic of a person running and enjoying life. When turned on its side, it represents mind, body, and soul.

Quality & Design

The style is as broad as the streets are, and the pieces are delivered in small batch rotations to remain sustainable on a small brand. As time goes on, the company will introduce the world to our wholly unique and locally produced products. Products are patiently selected and the designs are expertly crafted, to provide something that is definitive to LATCHKEY KIDS®.

Aim for Texas Made

One mission is to help communities. What better way is there to help than to provide jobs to the community in which you operate? The designs, embroidery, art, and print work are all done in Texas. The goal is to use vintage goods for artwork when able and to have the products manufactured and altered in Texas when I can. The collection will grow as the brand grows.


Starting from Nothing...

More stencil work

More stencil work

The brand is starting from the ground up. The dream comes from founder Curtis Marshman II, aka "Cutty", and the mission is to turn an idea to a clothing brand. It's been told that the faith of a mustard seed can split mountains. LATCHKEY KIDS® is the vision based on a dream of making clothes that reflect who we are.

Over time LATCHKEY KIDS® will show and prove that it can add a bit of flavor to Texas and the fashion world. LATCHKEY KIDS® is representing the spirit of dedication, hard work, and of not giving a fuck. Follow your heart and soul, and as the world follows us, the story will unfold. See ya'll in the streets!